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Track your baby’s nutrition and weight.
Feed and share his events timeline.
Purchase BabyNes machine and capsules easily.
Connect your Wi-Fi machine in few clicks.

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Wi-Fi connection - Step 1

Remove the cleaning tool of the capsule tray and turn on the BabyNes machine.

Wi-Fi connection - Step 2

Press and hold the start button until it flashes (a minimim of 3 seconds). When the button stops flashing, Wi-Fi mode is enabled. This process can take 1 minute.

Wi-Fi connection - Step 3

Go to your device Wi-Fi networks settings and select the BABYNES network.

Wi-Fi connection - Step 4

Open your Internet browser and follow the instructions to connect your machine to your MyBabyNes account.
If the process does not start automatically, you can start it from: http://babynes.com/setup
You will have to:
- Choose your country/language
- Select your home network in the list of networks displayed
- Provide your password
- Sign-in or create your MyBabyNes account


Verify that you are back on your home network and login on our site or on your MyBabyNes App to select your options and services access to your baby dashboard.

You will receive a confirmation email when your machine synchronization and your Wi-Fi services will be well set up.


Wi-Fi connection - Step 1


If you want to disable your Wi-Fi machine, press the start button for more than 5 seconds until you hear a beep.

You can reactivate your machine at anytime, simply follow the steps described above.