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Wi-Fi services terms of use

To activate the Wi-Fi services of your machine, please take note and accept the installation requirements below:

• To setup your BabyNes Machine Wi-Fi services, you are required to establish connection between your computer and BabyNes Machine wireless network. We recommend you to use a secured Wi-Fi network.

• At any time, you can disconnect your BabyNes Machine and Wi-Fi network and remove your login information. To do so, perform the cancellation by pressing the BabyNes Machine power button until it flashes. It will no longer be connected and emit wireless signal at the next boot. The setup procedure will have to be done another time if you want to reconnect your Wi-Fi services.

• Although the Wi-Fi functionality of the BabyNes Machine meet current highest standards in IT security, process safety will depend on the security degree of the network used. Wyeth (Hong Kong) Holding Company Limited or any of its affiliated companies (Wyeth Nutrition) is not held responsible for any interception of information, connection interruption, loss of data, alteration of your computer system or any other direct or indirect damages related to the use of the BabyNes Wi-Fi machine features and is not responsible for any incompatibility of the machine with mobile devices or computers not listed in the user guides located in the packaging of your machine or in it.

• During the setup of your BabyNes Machine Wi-Fi services, only the following technical information will be collected: your Wi-Fi network SSID, password of your Wi-Fi network, encryption type and other information necessary for the connection establishment.

• The machine does not send us any personal data without your consent and will send data at intervals and not continuously.

• For the transmission of any information, your express permission will be required. The nature of the information requested and their use will depend on the options and services you have chosen.

• Please note that Wyeth Nutrition puts at your disposal a tool for optimal management of your consumption and that Wyeth Nutrition does not provide nutritional advice and is not able to provide information about the health of your child in case the data transmitted should deviate from the usual schemes. Nothing can replace regular consultation with your healthcare professional.


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