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BabyNes® Machine

A perfectly mixed feeding in less than a minute.

With its new design and its touch interface, the new BabyNes Machine combines exclusive technology with intuitiveness to guarantee fast and accurate feeding preparation at the suitable temperature. The Wi-Fi-enabled smart system effortlessly helps you manage your child’s nutritional development and its new Bluetooth feature allows to simply launch a preparation at distance with your iPhone.

HKD 2,088.00

Stock will be available soon

Free delivery except outlying islands and remote areas*


The BABYNES® Machine has been honored with GOOD DESIGN® in children’s product category, for its simple and refined design recalling the sensations of comfort, harmony and tranquillity.

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  • Automatic recognition of the capsule for a perfectly measured feeding
  • Temperature selection
  • Automatic calculation of the proper quantity of water, for a feeding with minimized appearance of lumps
  • Wi-Fi-enabled features provide real-time consumption information
  • Launch the preparations at distance with your iPhone in Bluetooth
  • Easy replenishment and feeding alerts
  • Can prepare feeding with just one hand

Includes the BabyNes capsule opener, for when you're on the go.


Weight: 3,3 kg
Machine dimensions:
  • Height: 353 mm
  • Width: 185 mm
  • Depth: 249 mm
  • Supply Voltage: 230V / 50Hz
  • Max. power: 1450W
  • No BPA: The BabyNes® machine components in contact with water and formula are made without the use of BPA (bisphenol A).
  • Easy to clean, a cleaning tool is provided with your machine
  • "Eco-mode" - it automatically turns off after five minutes when not in use
  • Designed in Switzerland


Wyeth BabyNes is delivered to you by designated logistic provider LF Logistics (Hong Kong) Limited.

*HK$100 Delivery charge is applicable to outlying islands and remote areas including Chek Lap Kok, Cheung Chau, Discovery Bay, Hei Ling Chau, Kat O Chau, Kau Sai Chau, Kiu Tsui Chau, Lamma Island, Lantau Island, Lok Ma Chau, Lo Wu, Luk Keng, Lung Kwu Chau, Ma Mei Ha, Ma Wan, Peng Chau, Penny's Bay, Ping Chau, Po Toi Island, Sha Chau, Sai Wan, Sha Tau Kok, Ta Kwu Ling, Tai O, Tap Mun, Tung Chung, Tung Lung Chau, Wu Kau Tang and Yam O.