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You can find below the most frequently asked questions organized by topic.

If you don’t find the answer to your question here, contact us at
24/7 MyBabyNes Hotline:   HK (852) 2599 8199    Macau 080 0825    China 400 842 8008

What is the concept of Smart Nutrition?

BabyNes formulas evolve to meet your baby’s changing nutritional needs. Instead of one baby formula and one toddler formula, we’ve created a total of six formulas.
• From 7 to 12 months, BabyNes formula changes to accommodate the introduction of solid food into your baby’s diet. Protein and calorie content are leveled off as your baby's growth rate slows and he begins receiving additional nutrients from solid foods.
• From 13 to 36 months, The 2 toddlers BabyNes formulas provide a nutritious alternative to cow’s milk as your baby transitions to a balanced diet. Protein and calories are provided at moderate levels, to allow for intake from other food sources.
Please also consult your healthcare professional.
Discover all the formulas ingredients and volumes in the formulas section.

My baby is 8 months old. Can I still use my left-over 3-6 months capsules? The same question for all age groups.

The amount of protein, fat, and energy content in BabyNes formulas varies across stages. Each capsule has been designed to meet your baby’s needs at different stages in his development. We recommend that you use the capsule that corresponds to your baby’s age. But there is no harm to use a few left-over capsules from the prior stage and we recommend you keep giving them to your baby alternating with capsules of the next stage until you exhaust the previous stage capsules. There is no safety concern to use the preceding stage capsules during that short transition period.

What is the advantage of using capsules, rather than traditional powdered formula?

The BabyNes System smart technology helps to ensure safe, hygienic, and precise preparation for each feeding.
• The system’s single-serve capsule format precisely controls the volume for each feeding
• Bar code recognition on each capsule delivers the right amount of water for each capsule
• Prefilled capsules and automatic water filter increase the precision and hygiene of feedings

My baby does not drink the same amount of milk at each meal. What should I do?

You should never force a baby to finish his serving, even if it is not empty. It is normal for your child’s appetite to vary, and it is important to watch for signs of fullness, so that he does not overeat.

Do your products contain any BPA (Bisphenol A)?

No, the components of the system that come into contact with water and formula are made without the use of BPA.

How are BabyNes formulas different from the rest?

BabyNes was developed to closely match your child's changing nutritional needs and allows for further segmentation compared to other formulas.

How do I choose between the different capsules?

The composition of our BabyNes capsules was designed to meet your child’s nutritional needs, at each stage in his development. It also takes into account the nutrition provided by other foods, when your child’s diet begins to diversify, and later on, when your child is eating the same food as you. The label of each capsule indicates the age in months of the child it is designed for. Please also consult your healthcare professional.

My baby is already used to a different formula. Can I switch to BabyNes?

We advise that you consult with your healthcare professional before making any feeding changes. We recommend a gradual switch to BabyNes over a period of about 5-7 days. This helps wean your baby from the original formula. Switch one feed a day until all feeds are switched. If you notice any increase in fussiness wait a day before increasing to an additional bottle of BabyNes.

How can I tell the product is real?

• By registering your machine ID on the site, you will be sure it’s an original one: Register your machine
• Only the original BabyNes capsules can be used with the BabyNes machine thanks to its barcode reader. If you have any doubt, thank you to call us HK (852) 2599 8199   
Macau 080 0825   China 400 842 8008.

How long is the shelf life?

The expiration date is displayed on each box of capsules. You may call us HK (852) 2599 8199    Macau 080 0825   China 400 842 8008 for further assistance.

Is it safe to store the machine for a few months and then to reuse it?

Yes. You should, however, run a rinse cycle before reusing it (refer to the user manual).

Which water should I use to prepare my baby’s bottles?

We recommend to use bottled distilled water in your BabyNes machine or when you prepare a bottle at the desired temperature.

The idea of standing water worries me. Wouldn’t it be better to change out the water in the water container before using the machine?

Before being sent to the bottle, the water is systematically filtered by the water filter contained in each capsule. This means that you can confidently leave water in the water container for a full day. However, we do recommend that you change the water and rinse the water container once a day. If the machine is not used for more than two days, you should run a rinse cycle through it (refer to the user manual).

Do I need to sterilize the bottle and nipple with boiling water?

Sterilization of utensils is recommended. Your healthcare professional will advise if it is not required. Always wash your hands before preparing formula. Although the preparation of the formula is very safe, the BabyNes machine cannot guarantee that the bottle itself is hygienic.

How long can I keep the reconstituted feed which has not been used?

Once a feed is prepared, it should be consumed immediately and do not keep unfinished feed and please discard the contents.

Is it safe for baby when milk temperature is 37°C or 40°C?

Some babies like room temperature milk, while others prefer it a little warmer. The thermostat button on the BabyNes machine allows you to adjust the temperature of the milk, from room temperature to 40°C. We recommend you always test the temperature of the milk on the inside of your wrist before feeding your child.

How do I clean the BabyNes machine?

Clean the machine only using soft and clean towels. The water container is cleaned by daily rinsing with bottle distilled water. Empty and clean the capsule holder daily and dry it with a soft and clean towel. Refer to the user manual for cleaning directions.

I am surprised that I do not have to clean the machine after each use.

The water only runs through the capsule, where, after being filtered, it dissolves the powdered milk and runs directly into the bottle. There is no direct contact between the milk and the machine. However, we do recommend that you change the water and rinse the water container once a day. If the machine is not used for more than two days, you should run a rinse cycle before reusing it.

What should I do when there is powder residue in the capsule after reconstitution?

It can sometimes happen that a little powder is left at the bottom of the capsule after use. There is no need to worry because it is a negligible amount that does not affect the right dosage of the bottle or cup. If this happens frequently you should descale your machine. Contact us HK (852) 2599 8199    Macau 080 0825   China 400 842 8008 for additional information.

What can I do if there are lumps in the capsule?

If there are lumps in the capsule it does not mean that you will have lumps in the bottle or cup. The feed preparation is the result of the volume of water pressured in the capsule for a homogeneous preparation, with minimized appearance of lumps.

There is sometimes a little foam in the bottle or cup. Couldn’t that cause my baby to swallow some air?

It is possible that the milk might get a little foamy while the bottle or cup is being prepared. This is a normal occurrence. The milk foam should not have an effect on your baby’s digestion nor make him gassy.

If I have queries on BabyNes, where can I get help?

Our team is available 24/7 to answer to your questions about your child's nutrition, BabyNes products or orders.
You can contact us:
• by call, at: HK (852) 2599 8199    Macau 080 0825   China 400 842 8008
• by email, at: babynes.hk@wyethnutrition.com
• by asking to be called back

Can I reach BabyNes outside business hours?

Yes, you can call us 24 hours a day, every day of the year with no exception at
HK (852) 2599 8199    Macau 080 0825   China 400 842 8008.

I would like to get some advice but I do not have access to a phone. Can I write to you?

Yes, we do propose different ways to contact us: Not only by phone, but also by e-mail. Please connect to our website or the MyBabyNes App and select "Contact us" to send us your message. We will respond in writing as soon as possible.

I do not understand how to use the MyBabyNes app. Who can help me?

The MyBabyNes app provides personalized resources to follow your child’s nutritional needs, track his growth, create a baby timeline and share it with friends and family. The MyBabyNes app connects your Wi-Fi machine to your child's dashboard and updates it automatically. Our team is available day or night at HK (852) 2599 8199    Macau 080 0825   China 400 842 8008 to help you.

I have two children, both drinking BabyNes capsules. Can I benefit from a nutritional follow-up for each of them?

Yes, all you need to do is register the name, gender and birth date of your children when creating your MyBabyNes account. Both of your children will then appear in your MyBabyNes space. They will both have individual diaries and will benefit from a tailor-made nutritional follow up. The Wi-Fi enabled machine will automatically associate each feed to the right baby. In case of twins, a feed will be assigned alternatively to each child (you can modify manually the assignment in MyBabyNes.

I registered my 8 months son on BabyNes but not my 2 year old girl. I am planning to feed my girl with BabyNes 25-36 months. Will the machine not work because of the stage is different from registration?

The machine will always allow you to prepare feeds with your BabyNes capsules whatever the child’s age registered in your account. If you have several baby profiles registered in your account, the feeds prepared with your machine will be automatically attributed to the right baby profile according to his stage but you will be able to control your stock of capsules or children’s consumption manually at any time.

I do not want to disclose both mine and my child personal information. Does it mean I cannot use BabyNes?

Our Privacy Policy ensures that your personal information will not be used for other purpose without your permission. But if you want to use BabyNes without registering, it’s possible. You can use your machine normally, without activating your Wi-Fi or online services.

If I do not activate the Wi-Fi function, will the machine work?

Yes, you can use your BabyNes machine without activating the Wi-Fi feature. The main difference is that you will not be able to follow your child’s nutrition automatically neither benefit of the replenishment or alerts services, but you will still be able to use your child’s dashboard manually.

If I do not agree with the order suggestion done through MyBabyNes, can I modify it?

Yes. Our suggestions are based on the data you have shared with us through our website. To be more accurate, we encourage you to turn on the Wi-Fi enabled machines, this way all feeds will automatically be tracked and our recommendation will be smarter. You can modify your order by adjusting the proposed quantities. As always, we recommend that you consult your healthcare professional for feeding advice.

What if I run out of capsules at some point?

If you activate Wi-Fi services, we can notify you via email or with a push notification on your smartphone when it is time to reorder capsules. You can then order in few clicks. If you are out of capsules, please call us at HK (852) 2599 8199    Macau 080 0825   China 400 842 8008 and we can recommend an immediate solution.

I am interested in the BabyNes System. Where can I buy the machine and the capsules?

All BabyNes products are sold on our website or on our MyBabyNes app under the "Store" section.

Can I have products with longer expiry date because they seem fresher?

You should always refer to the expiry date displayed on the box. As long as the capsules are not expired, it means that they still have all the nutritive quality for your child.

If I do not agree with your order recommendation, can I change it?

Of course. Our suggestions are developed according to the information you have shared with us on this site: the age of your child, the number of bottles consumed each day, the amount of capsules ordered, etc. They are however only estimates. So you can change by adjusting the amounts proposed. You can make changes in BabyNes dashboard.

What are the Wi-Fi services?

Once the machine is connected to your Wi-Fi network and your MyBabyNes account, you can take advantage of the Wi-Fi services.

Check your child’s nutrition:
• Your machine automatically add each feed prepared into your child’s dashboard.
• You can adjust the amount drunk by your child or add your breast-feedings manually.
• You also can receive an alert on your iPhone when a feed is prepared by someone else if you are not with your child.
• You can easily share your child’s consumption with your healthcare professional electronically.

Simplify your life with capsules replenishment services :
According to your capsules stock and the feeds prepared, we will send you an alert when it is time to place an order and we will provide you an order recommendation based on your child’s age and consumption.

How to set up the Wi-Fi machine?

Install your machine where you will use it and in your Wi-Fi network range.
You need your wireless network connection information for this setup.

If you have an iPhone:
1. Download the MyBabyNes App.
2. Log in to your BabyNes account if you have one, or create an account.
3. Visit the machine connection Wi-Fi Services section and follow the instructions.

If you do not have an iPhone:
1. Visit www.babynes.com/hk-en/machine/wi-fi-setup page.
2. Follow the instructions on the page to set up the machine.

I do not see the BABYNES network

1. Ensure that your computer or smartphone is connected to your home Wi-Fi network.
2. Perhaps this connection takes a little time.
3. If you still get nothing on the screen, reset the Wi-Fi module of your BabyNes machine: turn on the machine, then press and hold the button 'on' (on / off) until you hear a beep.
4. Repeat the setting procedure from the beginning. (See previous question: How to set up the Wi-Fi machine?).
5. If the problem persists, call us at HK (852) 2599 8199    Macau 080 0825   China 400 842 8008 and we will be happy to assist you.

I have a message telling me to reconnect to the BABYNES network before proceeding.

It is possible that your smartphone or computer disconnected during the configuration process. Check the Wi-Fi settings on your computer or smartphone and connect to the Wi-Fi network of your BabyNes machine. Once logged in, return to the browser on your computer or smartphone and continue the process.

After I connect to the BABYNES network, my browser homepage is not a BabyNes one, what should I do?

On some computers or smartphones, a static homepage is saved by default when you launch the browser.
Enter the following URL http://www.babynes.com/setup and follow the instructions.
If no page is displayed, try to visit this other page:
If the problem persists, call us at HK (852) 2599 8199    Macau 080 0825   China 400 842 8008 and we will be happy to assist you.

I am connected to BabyNes network and my home network, but I do not have internet access. What should I do?

Make sure your computer or smartphone is connected to your home network and your home router is connected to Internet.

Do the Wi-Fi services work with all versions of iPhone / Smartphone / tablets / computers?

They are compatible with iPhone 4 and later, iOS 6 and later. It is also configurable with a wide range of devices that can connect via Wi-Fi and with a web browser.

Can I access the Wi-Fi services from my smartphone and computer?

Yes, you can access the data stored in your BabyNes account from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or iPhone.

What will happen if my Wi-Fi network changes?

The BabyNes machine can only connect to the network for which it has been setup. If your network changes, a new setup procedure must be performed to the new network. You will recover all your previous data in your account.

Will the data stored in the machine be lost if my Wi-Fi network is disconnected?

No, the data will remain in the machine until the your Wi-Fi connection restarts. All unsent data will be transmitted when the connection is restored.

Can I connect 2 machines with my BabyNes account?

Yes, you simply need to setup the second machine. The information will be transmitted to your BabyNes account regardless of the machine used.

Does the BabyNes machine emit Wi-Fi waves?

The machine connects to your Wi-Fi network and emits Wi-Fi waves only during data sending. The transfer of information related to feedings only lasts for a few seconds and approximately one minute after the preparation of the feed, just before the machine turns off and goes into economy mode.
If you unplug the machine, it will not emit any Wi-Fi waves. It does not emit waves outside the data transfer after each feeding.

Do I need a BabyNes account to use my machine?

You can prepare feedings with your machine without having any BabyNes account and without connecting your Wi-Fi services. If you do so, you will not be able to access to the BabyNes Wi-Fi services.

Can I disable the Wi-Fi services?

The Wi-Fi services are not activated until you have connected the machine to a wireless network.
If you want to disable them, turn on the machine, then press and hold the button "on" (on / off) until you hear a beep.
If you want to reactivate the Wi-Fi services, you simply repeat the machine setup procedure.

I use BabyNes for 2 children of the same age (twins), how does the machine know the child for which the feeding has been prepared?

The application automatically distributes capsules between your children. In the case of twins, the feedings will be associated alternately to each child. If this automatic allocation is not correct, you can manually edit the feeds of your children.

I use BabyNes for 2 children of different ages, how does the machine know the child for which the feeding has been prepared?

From the moment each child uses a different type of capsules and is created in your BabyNes account, the machine correctly assigns the bottles.

My child no longer uses BabyNes but I want to save his dashboard data, is it possible?

The dashboard data are automatically saved in your account. In the case of deletion of your account or child’s profile, the data would be lost. That is why we recommend that you keep your account and child’s profiles even if you stop using BabyNes.

What are the special features of the BabyNes system?

The BabyNes system combines a convenient machine which helps you to prepare optimized feeds for your child with a range of infant formulas which evolves with his nutritional needs.
Its special features allow you to:
• Prepare a feed in less than a minute
• Adjust the water temperature to prevent the risk of burns
• Use different sizes of bottles or cups thanks to the adjustable bottle height tray
• Keep your lights off when you feed your child at night thanks to its LED lights
• Follow your child’s nutrition with the Wi-Fi features

I live in the Mainland of China and purchase the capsules in Hong Kong. Can I use them in the Mainland?

Yes, the capsules purchased in Hong Kong can be used in Mainland.

What will happen if I forget to remove the old capsule before making a new feed?

The red capsule light will turn on and the machine will not start, because the bar code on the capsule is programmed to only make one feed per capsule per machine.

I am not very comfortable with technology. Can I really use the machine?

Yes, the machine is very easy to use. We designed it to make preparing a feed as intuitive as possible. You can also follow the directions on the instructions. In just a few movements and in less than one minute, the correctly-dosed feed is ready at precisely the right temperature.

What happens if there is not enough water in the water container?

The red light will be on, and the machine will not start. It will only start if there is enough water in the water container for a whole feed.

What is the volume of the water container?

The water container has a 27 fl. oz. (800 ml) capacity and can be used to prepare multiple feeds.

I put a new capsule in the machine, but nothing happened.

Open the capsule holder and remove the capsule. Verify that the barcode is correctly positioned on the capsule and it is clean. Also refer to the machine troubleshooting guide or contact us at HK (852) 2599 8199    Macau 080 0825   China 400 842 8008 for assistance.

I put too much water in the water container. It overflowed and some of the water ran onto the machine. What should I do?

You may dry the machine with a soft cloth.

I pressed the “Start” button by accident. Can I stop the process?

No, once it has been launched, the bottle preparation process will run its full course.

If I only realize that the wrong temperature is selected after feed preparation has started, can I adjust it?

Yes, but it may not be taken into account, since feeds are ready in just a few seconds. If the feed is not at the desired temperature when it is ready, heat or cool it by holding the bottle or cup under running hot or cold water.

Do I need to buy special bottles or cups for the BabyNes machine?

No. The machine has a variable-height platform that adjusts to the size of the bottle or cup. With five height options, you can use just about any bottle or cup available on the market.

Does the feed need to be stirred after preparation?

No, the formula dissolves inside the capsule. The capsule acts as a dissolution chamber, in which the injected water creates a turbulent motion that dissolves and mixes the formula powder. Once the water has been delivered, an air injection system clears all of the milk out of the capsule. This system ensures a smooth, non-lumpy feed for your child.

My child tends to not finish the feed. Can I save the rest for the next meal?

For health and food safety reasons, we do not recommend keeping left-over formula. Prepared formula should be fed immediately. Do not keep unfinished feed and discard the contents.

I am out a lot, so how can I prepare feeds away from home with BabyNes?

The pre-dosed capsule is a safe, practical and convenient way to transport your child’s formula when you are out and about. When you are not at home, and do not have the option of using the machine, just use the capsule-opener that comes with the machine. This accessory lets you open the capsule and pour the formula directly into the bottle or cup, then prepare it in a convenient way. We have created a video that provides a simple demonstration of how this accessory works. See the video

Can I use regular water to reconstitute BabyNes when I am going out?

We recommend to always use bottled distilled water at the desired temperature.

Can I add or remove a little water when preparing a feed?

No, each capsule contains a dose of formula that corresponds to a specific amount of water, so that it dissolves the powder correctly, providing you with a feed that is dosed just right for your child. The machine reads the bar code on the capsule and then delivers the required amount of water for each type of capsule. In other words, the dosage is automatic, to avoid any mistakes.

How can I prevent splashing while the feed is being prepared?

Make sure the bottle or cup is close enough to the formula spout. You can do this by adjusting the platform’s height to the size of your bottle or cup. With five possible heights, you can use the vast majority of baby bottles and cups.

What are the BabyNes warranty terms?

The BabyNes machine has a 2 year warranty. You can find all the Warranty Terms on this page.

Are the capsules recyclable?

No, the capsules must be thrown away, in the same way as household waste.

Does the machine use a lot of energy?

The machine has an Eco-Mode that shuts it off after one minute. At that point, it consumes a minimum amount of energy.