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Track your baby’s nutrition and weight.
Feed and share his events timeline.
Purchase BabyNes machine and capsules easily.
Connect your Wi-Fi machine in few clicks.

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BabyNes services are designed to be as advanced as the BabyNes Machine and formulas. After all, we created them all to help you nourish a brilliant future for your child. If you own the connected machine, information will be automatically sent to your MyBabyNes dashboard, which can also be shared to your healthcare professional. When you are out and about, your dashboard comes too, with the MyBabyNes App for your iPhone.

Track your baby’s nutrition

Track child's nutrition

Your dashboard updates automatically from your BabyNes Machine. It also lets you enter feedings manually.

Never miss a feeding

Receive Alerts and Never Miss a Feeding

Your BabyNes Machine syncs with your smartphone to provide feeding notifications. So you will know when a feed is prepared, even when you're away from your child.

Never run out of capsules

Never Run Out of Capsules

Automatic alerts from your Wi-Fi enabled machine let you know when you are running low on capsules and allow you to place your order simply with several clicks.

Wi-Fi Tracking and Ordering Options

Create your account Access your dashboard on your smartphone.

Feed preparation at distance

Prepare your baby’s feed remotely with your iPhone thanks to the New BabyNes Machine Bluetooth feature.

Prepare the machine with a new capsule, a clean container and ensure you have enough water in it.

Then, you can decide when to launch your preparation remotely on your iPhone:

  • Select the temperature
  • Press the preparation button

The feed will be ready in less than 1 minute at distance.

Start now

*Bluetooth features can be used in a range below 30 feet from the machine without walls. This range can be influenced by the environment. There is no guarantee on the range of action.
Feed preparation at distance

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